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Ich bin nicht dine superstar?

(Watch out for microbes!)

23 September
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Hiya, as you all know I am destined-YES DESTINED I SAY!!- to rule the world...

Also, I am a vital part of the drag family, being the Jester in all....

I love all my friends!! (yarr!, I'm so soppy sometimes...) ^___^ And anime, rock music, writing songs, writing in general, nirvana, final fantasy and many other subjects I'm sure you all will no doubt hear about.
For I love talking about me.

Anyways, I'm trying my hardest to get a talking mongoose, So if anyone has one...
sing out, loud and clear!!!!

I have a new journal.
Yes, anougher one. ^^"
You can read it here:The Evil FudgePuppets Journal.. Or something

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"Keep my reign of terror free....
Donate Kindly."

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375, all my friends, anime, annoying lugie, annoying people, arguing, bad spelling errors, being evil!!, being insane, being stupid, calling lugie cutie-pi, cambodia, cannibals, chewing on rubber dukkys, chocobo's, chocobos, crab, crayfish, drag family, ducks, fanfics, final fantasy, final fantasy villans, fluffy things, freddy mercury, garbage, glowing things, good rock music, hera's carboard-rice-thingies, hugging, hugging my freinds, jimmy-cat, kefka, kuja, kung pow(movie), kurt cobain, lugies band, meatloaf, moogles, moomba's, music, my freinds, nani, nirvana, people that worship me, queens of the stoneage, quizes, random things, roasting 3rd formers, ruleing the world, ruleing the world more, running around, sephiroth, shearwater, shiney things, singing loudly, sparkly things, sprites, stuff., talking mongooses, tool, trains, ultimecia, weapons of mass destruction, world domination, writing songs and stories